MaryJane Muse Series | Pharrell

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The modern-day Renaissance Man.
Music Maker, Fashion Designer...Tastemaker.


Our new blog post series features 
the many muses of MaryJane,
 influencing our fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
So stay posted and see who inspires us
and the reasons why.


Fly Girl | Plant Life

Give love.  Get love.
From root to fruit, you get what you give.
In essence...
Plant = Life
X, Chris

P.S.  My current fave of (un)common scents:
TokyoMilk Dark in Crushed No. 32
with fragrance notes
Earth + Moss, Crushed Herbs, Wild Grass, Jasmine

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Sticker Bomb Series | Dublin

Somewhere along a bike path between Dublin and Pleasanton.
Thanks @ lani1luv for the love!


Don't forget that our Sticker Bomb Series
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