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...I had to! 


Don't forget our new MaryJane FLY GIRL series
features all that's fly
keeping us girls on a natural high.
So stay posted or better yet...send us your very own FLY GIRL pic!  
Hit us at:
and hashtag #MJflygirl with a brief description of your pic.


Bay Grown Series | Lucasfilm

 image source here
Founded in 1971 by George Lucas in San Rafael, CA.
Headquarters: San Francisco

"May the Force be with you." 

- Yoda


Sticker Bomb Series | Laptop Slaps

Laptop slaps on point!
Thanks for the love @thetoothleswonder!

Don't forget that our Sticker Bomb Series
will be featuring MaryJane sticker bombs from all over.
Join the fun by sending us your pic and it may just get posted.

Hit us at:
and hashtag #MJstickerbomb with the location of sticker.